ColdAvenger Outlaw Cold Weather Face Mask

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Balaclavas – ColdAvenger Outlaw Cold Weather Face Mask

Many thanks for visiting this web-site. For anyone who is searching for the best Balaclavas products, we suggest ColdAvenger Outlaw Cold Weather Face Mask as the right option for you with the top quality as well as price.

ColdAvenger Outlaw Cold Weather Face Mask

Features and Specifications: ColdAvenger Outlaw Cold Weather Face Mask

  • ALL AROUND PERFORMANCE. Inspired by heroes and villains from the American wild west with its versatile bandanna-like design, the perfect do-it-all cold weather mask.
  • PATENTED TECHNOLOGY. The patented ventilator allows free breathing while comfortably warming and humidifying inhaled air.
  • PROTECTION FROM COLD AIR. From winter-time chores, to biking across town to downhill snow sports, the ColdAvenger Outlaw mask is versatile and provides great protection from winter elements.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE FIT. A hidden nose wire combined with a new internal suspension system allows for a customizable fit and improved comfort.
  • SUPERIOR COMFORT. Functions to protect your airways during breathing while remaining comfortable and easy to wear.

ColdAvenger cold weather face masks do more than just cover your face. The ColdAvenger face mask was designed by a physician to protect the lungs and airways from the damaging effects of cold, dry winter air while on the ski slopes. ColdAvenger face masks work by creating a micro-climate in front of your nose and mouth. The unique ventilator is designed to provide airway warmth and humidity, unrestricted breathing and facial skin protection, features critical to protecting lungs and airways in cold weather. A portion of each exhaled breath is retained in the ventilator cup and passively humidifies the next inhaled breath. By humidifying and gently warming each breath, ColdAvenger face masks help protect your airways from drying, help maintain core temperatures and reduce cold stress.

The ventilator also manages extra moisture away from skin and allows for 100% free breathing where other masks eventually freeze up. The ColdAvenger protects facial skin, allows unrestricted breathing and creates a warm and humid “microclimate of comfort.” This simple piece of outdoor gear will allow you to improve your lifestyle in the cold, while helping protect you from potential asthma flare-ups.

ColdAvenger Outlaw Cold Weather Face Mask

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